Premium Membership $9.95 per month

1. Free Router Bit Sharpening

Unlimited: You can send all the bits that you need to be sharpened, as long as they were purchased from us. The 5 bits that qualify for this program are the Profile Bit, the 60°, the 90°, the 45° chamfer bit, and the Carving Liner. Excluded are both of our spiral upcut bits.

For domestic USA members: There is a $9.00 shipping charge per package for shipping them back to you. When you send us your bits you can include cash in your package, or we can charge your card if we have it on file. 

Please keep the tubes and boxes your bits came in and use them for shipping the bits back to us.  When your bits are too small to sharpen, we'll contact you & let you know. We'll send them back to you or toss them whichever you prefer.

NOTE For International members:  Please email Vicki ( and she will give you all the details.

2. 5% discount on all sign carving supply orders

As a premium member you will receive a 5% discount on every order of sign carving supplies. Every month we’ll send you an email with a special 5% discount code. You must enter the code at checkout to receive the discount.

3. Free 45-minute instructional video

When you sign up as Premium Member or an Executive Member, you’ll receive an email with a discount code and a link to our 45-minute video “Freehand Routed Wood Signs Made Simple”. A $20.00 value. You’ll receive this video as our gift to you for becoming a Premium or Executive Member.

4. Free Layout Template of the Month

Every month we introduce a new layout template. Every Premium Member will receive one of these free. As soon as you become a Premium Member we will keep track of every layout template that you have coming. The next time we ship you

something we will include them in your package.

5. 25% Discount on one course of choice

As of right now, we have one paid course but will have another one by the end of February 2022. Our library of paid courses will be growing exponentially over the year of 2022. This discount can be applied to any one of our courses you choose.

6. Exclusive monthly video

Premium and Executive members will receive a monthly email with a link to an unlisted video we create just for you. The videos may include marketing tips, tool reviews. And may also include carving of the monthly stencil. We will also periodically have behind the scenes clips and bloopers.

Executive Membership $19.95 per month

1. All of the premium Benefits

As an executive member, you will receive the free router bit sharpening, free 45-minute video, template of the month, exclusive monthly video, PLUS…

2. 10% discount on all orders

You will receive a 10% discount on all orders. 

3. Stencil of the Month

As soon as you become a E.M. we will keep track of every layout template and large stencil you have coming. The next time we ship you something we will include them in your package.


4. 50% Discount on Course of your choice

As we build our course library, you will get to choose one course to get 50% off.  

Cancellation of Premium or Executive Memberships

You can cancel anytime. You can cancel it yourself, or just let us know & we'll take care of it for you right away. As always if you have any questions feel free to give us a call. 


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Thank you again for all your support!!!!